Ивангород, 1-7 августа

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About festival


Today, the living history of the Middle Ages has involved hundreds of people in Russia and thousands worldwide. This exciting activity gives them an opportunity to take a dive into the romantic atmosphere of Middle Ages. It is hard to find a more diverse hobby than living history as it includes collection of unique antiques and study of museum relics as well as creative work and outdoor activities. A special place in the living history is given to recreation of costumes, household items and armament.

Participants of the event "Pogranichnaya Krepost'" are taken back in time to the Late Middle Ages for several days a year. They camp in medieval tents, eating food prepared according to medieval recipes, wearing clothes made of natural wool and linen as well as figth on a battlefield dressed in medieval armor. "Pogranichnaya Krepost'" provides its participants self-expression and outdoor activity. For visitors the event gives an opportunity to see the real medieval life, with spectacular battles and fascinating everyday activities as well as listen to live medieval music and even take a part in this event.

The event is held annually in the Fortress of Ivangorod, a unique sample of architecture with five centuries of history.


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